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How I Got Started With Miniatures

 My name is Nancy Shantz, and I am the owner of the Sweetdreams horses. I have a friend, Elmeda , who helps me care for them when I need an extra hand. I had a Standardbred horse until 1990 when I had to put her down due to a heat stroke. I was without a horse in my life for 2 years, and I kept dreaming of getting Miniature Horses. On October 1992 my friend called me, and asked did we want to go for a drive to Wiarton and look at a few Miniature Horses? Well,you guessed it!!! We went home with one stallion and one mare. Both horses were only pet quality, we had a lot of fun breaking them to drive, etc., until the day came we realized it costs as much to maintain a pet quality horse as it would a better quality one.Today, we have top bloodlines such as Buckeroo, Grosshill, Egyptian King, and many more,which makes us owners of Champion quality horses that we are taking out in the show ring making them Champions in their own right. Breeding for quality is our goal. Come on in and enjoy our horses with us! If you see one you like, we are more than happy to give you all the information you need. We hope you will enjoy your visit. be sure to bookmark our site  and come again!



                                                               Elmira,  Ontario,  Canada    

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